The Teletype model 15 and Flesher TU-170 Terminal Unit are on the air! A model 14 typing reperf and transmitter distributor will soon be online. When not being used for something else, the station is on the Green Keys autostart frequencies listed below.

Frequency Type Day (MHz)Night (MHz)Notes
Space14.083,7057.083,705Space is 170 Hz below Mark
US LSB14.086,0007.086,000Mark tone 2.125 kHz, Space 2.295 kHz
Center14.083,7907.083,790Shift up 85 Hz for Mark, down 85 Hz for Space
Navy MMM LSB14.085,4907.085,490Mark tone 1.615 kHz, Space 1.785 kHz
Navy LF LSB14.084,7907.084,790Mark tone 915 Hz, Space 1085 Hz
Europe LSB14.085,8307.085,830Mark tone 1.955 kHz, Space 2.125 kHz