Non-Resonant Inverted V

An inverted V is tied to the A3-S mast, about a foot below the rotor. This puts the peak of the inverted V at about 22 feet AGL. Total length is about 60 feet. The ends are located at diagonal corners of the house. One end was extended beyond the corner of the house and along the top of a fence to minimize SWR on the 40 meter band. The center insulator is a DXE-UWA-KIT. The antenna is driven with about 50 feet of DX Engineering DXE-LL450-CTL 450 ohm ladder line. The ladder line is held away from the mast and the roof using 6 inch electric fence insulators. The ladder line is driven by a DX Engineering DXE-BAL050H10AT 50 ohms. 5 kW CW, 10 kW SSB current balun.

The images below show the VSWR sweep for each band. These are all measured at the output of the antenna switch after Dentron Clipperton L amplifier. When the amplifier is in bypass, the transceiver drives the antenna tuner to the bypassed amplifier to the load shown below.